Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My sister and her husband have bought a new house.
She asked me help her pick out fabrics, lamps, rugs, etc.
We have been here there and yonder looking for what she needs....it has been so much fun!
It is always more fun when it is someone else's money..HA!
The fabrics for her living room and dining room
 I think are my favorite.
Her living room/dining room is one big room.
This is for 2 chairs that were our grandparents that she is having recovered.  
This fabric is for the drapes.
She has 2 big windows on each side of the room.
This fabric is also being used to make 2 small 
rectangular pillows to go in the chairs.
These 2 fabrics are for pillows for her sofa.
The sofa is a white/off white long sofa that was
also our grandparents. 
She is having 4 20x20 pillows made in the fabric on the right.
 and 2 18x18 pillows made in the fabric on the left.
 The fabrics looks totally different online...the yellowish/gold color does match/coordinate with all 3 fabrics even though it does not look like it.

 Lamps for her buffet.

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