Friday, January 20, 2012

Projects for 2012

I have lots of projects to complete this year!
My grandfather has moved to an assisted living and so my parents have put his house up for sale. My sisters and I went a few weeks ago and picked out the items we wanted.
I picked this chair. There are actually 2 just a like but I am only recovering one of them right now. I decided to put the chair in my breakfast area. I love the green color of the chair but the fabric no so much. After looking at lots of fabric I think I have decided on the one below to have it recovered in.
Project #1: Recover Chair

I finally picked a fabric for the roman shades in my kitchen.
The lady is coming tomorrow to measure and get
started on making them.
Project #2: Roman Shades for Kitchen

 I also picked this light fixture from my grandfathers. I now just have to find a place for it....I am thinking a guest bedroom.
Project #3:  Light Fixture

This is one of my guest closets. I know it does not look
it but it is kinda organized.
I really want it to be more of a functional closet that I can
use for my paints, ribbons, etc.
I have a few ideas already.....
Project #4 Craft Closet

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