Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Update

This is for Lori and anyone else who is wondering about my house...
My house is still without floors and it is now day 28! I feel like these 28 days have been 128!
The foundation company came and "jacked up" my house. However, they were unable to "jack it up" all the way....which means my floors are not level. I have had a concrete company come to look at my house to see if they would pour self-leveling concrete on top of the slab. They decided it was not the best idea because the concrete would be so thin and not 100% guaranteed. 
I then moved on to a hardwood floor company. They are hopefully coming next week to look at my house. They are thinking a general contractor might be needed.
I am so over living in a house like this. I like things in their place and organized. All my furniture from my living room and dinning room is stuck in my 2 guest bedrooms and den. I feel like the show Hoarders is going to knock on my door at any minute.

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