Saturday, July 16, 2011

The joys of being a a homeowner...

Does this picture look a little slanted? I did turn the camera to exaggerated it a little BUT my house really is slanted/sinking. I noticed the problem a while back. I finally decided to have someone come and check it out. After a few companies came to look at I picked one and they are coming Monday to "JACK UP" my house. I am just hoping this fixes the problem. I have been told that it does not always work.

Here you can really see how much the floor is sinking.
(you can also see how much I really need to paint the woodwork)

 The company is going to drill holes inside my house since i am on a slab and not a crawl space.
I have cleaned out the living room, dining room, and hallway where the work will be done.

One reason I loved my house when I bought it was the wonderful hardwood floors. Well, they have to come up. Alabama Hardwood is coming to tear them out tomorrow. It is killing me to know they will be torn out and tossed in the trash and there is NOTHING wrong with them. Alabama Hardwood is coming back after my house is "JACKED UP" to put new hardwoods down. I just hope the stain matches my other hardwood floors and it looks like nothing ever happened!

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