Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This was my home for the weekend WITH 8 of my best friends!
Some of the girls I only see once I year. I really wish we could see each more often. I had such a great weekend I did not want it to end.
Blazer - I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year in FLORENCE!
I was the last one to arrive so I met everyone at our old stomping grounds, The Red Bar.
After a WONDERFUL dinner we headed back to the house to relax and to get our prizes from TT...our soundtrack for the weekend and t-shirts!
look how cute...
I had a little "happy" for everyone too!
Friday morning we woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather!
We had lunch at The Great Southern Cafe and then did a little shopping.
A special little afternoon dessert from Anna Kate's parents!
See the cute little lady in the middle of the picture below? That is Sisiter Schubert, her daughter owns the house we were staying in.  
Jackson Harold Grimes will be here soon!
We surprised Ginny with some gifts for him.

Saturday we stayed on the beach ALL day!
Before heading to dinner we took a quick trip back out to the beach to take pictures.

We then headed to Erica's house to hang out for a while and then head to dinner at Borago's.

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