Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My countertops are going to be installed on SATURDAY! I am so excited but then again very nervous. I just hope they look good!!
I went last week and finally picked out my facuet.

I never knew it would be so hard to pick one. I have loved looking at all the options but with a budget it is always harder to pick something!
My curtains that I have in my kitchen now I LOVE but they will no longer match once I have black countertops. I am now looking for the perfect fabric for my curtains. My kitchen wall color is green, cabinets white, and my countertops will be black. I am trying to stick to those colors for the curtains.
Here are some of the options so far...

The next thing on my list is a new front door. I love the one below, minus the mail slip and with brushed nickel hardware.

I love a wood door but then again they don't age very well. I have been told that fibgerglass will last a lot longer and is much easier to maintain and MUCH cheaper.

Any thoughts, wood or fiberglass???

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Alex said...

LOVE the faucet. My vote is for the first fabric. And, FIBERGLASS, definitely for the door! Love you!