Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas Eve day started with these 2 cuties coming over and playing in the endless piles of leaves in my backyard.

Christmas Eve night we continued our tradition of everyone coming to my house.
My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital and the nursing home for rehab on his we were THRILLED that he was able to join us for Christmas Eve.

3 generations of PUT'S!The weather man predicted snow for Christmas day but I never thought it would really happen. This is what I woke up to on Christmas Day.

There is nothing more perfect than a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

The 1st stop on Christmas morning was Put's house.
He LOVES football especially Rolando McClain who now plays for the RAIDERS who once played for ALABAMA and DECATUR.

He also LOVES his video games. This is the newest addition to his video game...a car you drive for a racing game.

Put playing in the snow...

The next stop was my parents house were Jack was still fast asleep.

We finally woke him up for him to see what Santa brought.
When he came around the corner his face was priceless!

Jack's favorite thing these days is TOY STORY!

The girls matching Christmas PJ's!

Jack playing in the snow...

Paul and I making a snowman!

After going home for a little rest it was back to my parents to open more presents and eat a wonderful lunch.
These boys were ready to open more presents.
Money and our yearly angel ornament from Biddy and Pap!

Alex and Shelley surprised me with this great painting that is already hanging above my mantel in my den....I LOVE IT!!!
I had a great Christmas and hope you did too!!!
With snow still falling and the weather so cold today,. I stayed inside all day and started taking down my Christmas decorations it is just packing them up and putting them away until next year.

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