Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa will be here soon....

Every year my parents would go ALL OUT and get my sisters and I pretty much everything we asked for. Santa coming to visit us and "Back to School Shopping" were big deals in my house growing up.

As we got older it got harder and harder for my parents to buy for us. My parents still do go all out on our stockings which is my favorite. Now though instead of gifts they give us money....what a great gift, which means I get just what I want....
I know that CHRISTmas is not about the presents but it sure was fun shopping around online to see what I might want....nothing extravagant....
Seda France 3 wick candle, cute stationary

This is my ALL time favorite perfume! They don't make it any more so it is really hard to find.

Camera strap cover, (for my NEW camera I purchased on CYBER MONDAY- I can't wait for it to arrive!!!) a very practical umbrella

I LOVE pillows...these are just a few I found on etsy that I really like,

ribbon is something else that I buy all the time...I have tried to keep mine organized but this would really help,

bracelets from Coldwater Creek,

boots, rain boots,

watch, locket,

patio furniture, and ipad.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Santa brings you everything you ask for!!!

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