Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm moving out....but will be back....this is how it all came about....

I was hosting bunko at my house last month. A friend and I were talking about how they put their house on the market and it sold in 4 days. They were not expecting it to sell that fast so they were left homeless. She and her husband had looked at a few rental houses but could not decide. As a joke I said, "I can move in with my parents and ya'll can rent my house." She jumped right on the idea. The next day I was e-mailing her with rental agreement information, calling the insurance, and dreaming of what I could do to my house with the money I save while I am living with my parents! We signed a lease agreement the next week and I started packing up. They move in tomorrow and I move in with my parents. Ashley and Brent who are moving in have bought a house and are doing some major renovations to it so they will be renting my house for about 4 months.

Thankfully, my parents are pretty easy going and laid back so I don't think there will be any problem with me moving in with them but I will let ya'll know what I have to say about that in 4 months...HA!

Good bye house, see you in 4 months!

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