Monday, March 1, 2010


Every year there is one weekend I always look forward to...
Every year my college friends get together in a new destination...
This year the group headed to a cabin named SOLITUDE in Blue Ridge, GA.
We all meet Friday afternoon right outside of Blue Ridge in Ellijay, GA.
I started laughing when 61 go out of the car to tell us that we had to put our cars in 3rd grear to get up the driveway (I was not sure the honda was going to make it) and did not stop laughing all weekend.
We planned the menu months before so everyone was prepared. Home made Lasagna made by Anna Kate for dinner Friday night, breakfast pies, fruit, and grits made by Ginny Saturday morning, Taco Soup made by Blazer for dinner Saturday night, and Apple Dumplings made by Jennifer Saturday night for dessert.
A hot tub and fire pit were a must when looking for a cabin to rent.
With the temperature not getting much about 20 degrees at night the hot tub was perfect.
The fire pit provided much entertainment...making smores, sitting around cathcing up with each other, and getting our exericse by making circles trying to dodge the smoke.

The view from our cabin.

This sign was hanging at the front door....of course we worried about the bears. I think in the end we were WAY to loud for any bears to come around.

Jennifer reading to us about the BEARS...

After unloading the cars...
we warmed up by the fire,

ate a few snacks,

lounged on the sofa,

and then drew to see who would host OOC WEEKEND 2011...
Blazer will be the 2011 HOST....will it be Nashville or Florence????

TT always make everyone a CD of tunes for the weekend and a t-shirt. We decided she out did herself this year!!

The back of the cute!!

Here we are headed to our campfire...
Jennifer and 61 did a great job setting up our campfire!

Trying to dodge the smoke...

Making SMORES!!!

Back inside taking a break from the campfire.

In 2002 most of our group graduated from Auburn. As a graduation gift a few of us made a slideshow of pictures from our years at Auburn. That was almost 7 years ago so the VHS is a little out of date. Thanks to Ginny - she had a DVD copy made for everyone!

Someone else surprised us TWICE! We found out she is having a BABY and she also brought these sweet treats for us to snack on!

I love you girls and can't wait until next year!!!


Ginny said...

Wow you are fast!! Loved every minute of it and LOVE you!!

Tara said...

You're on the ball, Jess! You kicked off the round of OOC posts just right...loved it all! And would love it even more if we could do it ALL over again. Tomorrow. Or sooner.

Jennifer said...

Good job Dora! I'm just going to set a link to your post so I dont have to do anything! I love it! Great pics! I'm sad I'm not there not, mountain mama!!

Tara Verdigets said...

this post makes me want a snaaaaaaaack!