Monday, January 25, 2010


Thursday night I headed to ATL to meet up with some friends. On Friday we were headed on a LONG road trip! Here is part of the road tripers, minus Hunter and plus Blair.
We loaded up, all 5 of us in 1 car headed for Kiwah Island....5 1/2 hours away. Hunter, our pilot was very patient with us and 61 the co-pilot did a great job with directions! We were headed to Kiawah to finally surprise Rigsby for her 30th Birthday. We had been planning this for months and I thought I was going to bust if it did not hurry up and get here!


Hanging out before dinner.

Headed to dinner...

We ate dinner at Red Sky was amazing!

Saturday the girls headed to the spa. It was a great time to relax and enjoy catching up.

Saturday night before dinner we HAD to go out on the beach for a few was freezing!

After an wonderful dinner cooked by Todd we took a short rest. Next on the list was to play LOADED QUESTIONS....we laughed until we hurt.

Long road trip yes but it was well worth seeing friends I don't get to see very often!!



The Cabris said...

SO FUN! Such pretty pictures!! Happy BIRTHDAY sweet sweet RIGSBY!!!!

Jennifer said...

Road trips Rock! Let the countdown to OOC begin!

Tara said...

Fun times!!! Loved the pictures!