Sunday, July 26, 2009

My $25.00 garage sale find!

A few Saturdays ago my mom called me around 8:00 and said that I might want to stop by a gargage sale over by my grandmothers house. She said the owners of the house, the ones having the garage sale also have a booth sat up at one of the local antique malls. I am ALL about a deal and so I headed over there. When I got there was not much left but I did find this chair for only $25.00 and I cant wait to have it recovered for my living room. When the young girl was helping me load the chair into the car I learned that all the money they made that day was going into a fund to help them adopt a child. She said they had been trying for a while to have a baby and were not succesful so they have know decided to adopt but of course it is very expensive....Im glad I got a great chair and was able to help them out, even it was only $25.00!
After buying the chair I began looking for fabric. This is what I have found to recover the chair with.

My dinning room chairs I also want recovered....

This is the fabric I am thinking about recovering them with...

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