Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Trip

Last Saturday my family left bright and early at 7:00 a.m for Orange Beach. This has become a yearly family vacation. When I say family that is exactly what it is.....7 days of ALL the family time you need. We had a great time!!
Our first stop and always our first stop once we get the the beach is Docs.

This trip to the beach I made my first trip to Cosmos. It was delicious!

Alex, Paul, Jack, and I went to the Zoo. I never even knew there was a Zoo in Gulf Shores...I was very impressed with the different animals they had.

Then there ALL the 400 something pictures that were taken while we were at the beach. Im going to post my might be hard though only picking a few. When you have two VERY CUTE nephews there is never a bad picture!

As you can see I had a hard time....sorry for so many pictures.

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Tara McClendon said...

You Putnams sure are a good-looking bunch! The boys are too cute!! And I'm sure they're not spoiled rotten in the least, right?!