Tuesday, March 3, 2009

reality tv....

It sounds like sweet Melissa has my luck....so something that would happen to me (if I could find a man to even fall in love with)...a man you have fallen in love with says he loves you and wants to marry you...then says I don't think it is going to work and ditches you for the other girl on NATIONAL TV! How embarrassing!
I cannot believe that Molly pretty much just took him back on national TV. I guess my pride would get in the way...ha..I would tell him no thanks on TV and then call him after the show and let him know I would like to give it a try, he is pretty darn cute...hahaha! I guess we will see tonight what happened after the cameras were turned off.
I can get so addicted to stupid reality TV.

Speaking of reality TV. Sometimes I watch that terrible, awful, and very trashy Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels on VH1. Sunday night I was flipping channels and stopped to watch it. This season the tour buses stops in different town across the US. Guess where they stopped....DECATUR, ALABAMA. Earlier that day 3 girls won a date with him because they were the winners of a very trashy relay called TRUCK STOP games. For their date they did not go anywhere but his tour bus..yes, his tour bus...that is where their date was...goes to show you the options of places in Decatur to go out and have fun....not many, especially if you are Bret Michaels. On second thought there are SO many places the girls and him would have fit right in around here.

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