Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I admit, I stalk blogs....read them everyday. Most of the blogs I read are family or friends that of course I know. Then there are those few that I have come across that are complete strangers but I find their stories intresting. There is a new one that I have added to my list that is just that....interesting.....http://www.mattlogelin.com/.....You can read what was written in the STAR TRIBUNE this morning to get a little glimpse about him and his family.
Retired Minneapolis attorney Tom Goodman had another sad task -- looking for home video of his daughter Liz Logelin for an upcoming Rachael Ray show. "I couldn't find any, so there's no video of her," Goodman said.
Logelin, an executive at Disney who lived in L.A., died of a blood clot 27 hours after giving birth to her baby girl, Madeline. Madeline and her daddy, Matt Logelin, who grew up in Minnetonka, are scheduled to be on Ray's show to discuss the Web community at Mattlogelin.com that is supporting the widower and young father.
Said Goodman: "There's a tiny effort somewhere in the country, but really nobody cares about widows and widowers who have small children, so he started a foundation for them, the Liz Logelin Foundation. Right after my daughter died, he started blogging about it. This huge community has just developed around him."
Book offers have been pouring in for Matt, who works full time at Yahoo, his father-in-law says. "You can see the way he writes and it's kind of interesting; it's filled with profanity," Goodman said. "You would [like that about him]. ... People have gravitated to him not only because he expresses himself well about this loss, but he's a stranger in a strange land. I'm sure he'll be blogging about this."
Somebody who was on Liz's high school swimming team gave Maddy a one-piece Speedo. "They are sitting on the beach and Matt decided to put this bathing suit on her. He had no idea. Where do you start? She's all arms and legs and here's this suit with holes in it. That's the kind of thing. It just breaks your heart to watch him try to go through it. My wife, Candee, and I are completely blown away by all the support he's getting."
I have to say the way he writes is one reason that has kept me reading...every sentence on a different line and not many details....VERY EASY TO READ!
His story is sad. However at the same time makes me smile knowing this little girl will not be able to grow up with her mom BUT will grow up with a wonderful dad that takes so much pride in keeping his wifes memory alive and being the best dad he can be!!
If you have a chance check out his blog. Also he will be on the Rachael Ray show tomorrow.


Peyton said...

Curse you Jessica Dora...I am hooked on Matt Logelin now too...as if I needed another blog to stalk!!! Love ya- peyton

Sandra said...

I stalk blogs, too! Sometimes I even leave a comment! See, I stalked yours! :)