Monday, November 3, 2008


I ended up going with a simple with a black bow. I'm glad I did not spend time on it. I wore my hat for the first 30 minutes and then I could not stand it ended up in the car. I am not sure what the winning hats looked like. The lady that one most whimsical described her hat over the loud speaker and it sounded very interesting..something about 2 lamp shades and a chandelier.
I had a great time this weekend. I really did not know what to expect. Jennifer, Haleigh, and I ended up paying the extra money to park in the infield where our rail passes were. It was well worth parking in the infield...getting on a shuttle with all of our junk would have been impossible. Our rail numbers were 62 and 63. I had no idea we would really be that close. There were 6 races throughout the day. Between each race we enjoyed the WONDERFUL food that everyone brought.
We left before the last one to head home and watch the Georgia/Florida game.

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