Thursday, October 16, 2008

Put's 3rd Birthday Party!

Saturday my nephew and his friend, Mary Emma celebrated their 3rd birthday Party.
The party had a Mickey and Minnie theme. My sister and Caroline (Mary Emma's mom) did a great job on everything especially the invitations and the cakes.
Put had a blast playing with his buddy Sam in Mary Emma's playhouse. They "cleaned" her playhouse for her..... you can see in one of the pictures Put has a mop to help him out.

The birthday boy and girl!!
Put and Sam cleaning.
Make a wish....
The next birthday boy...JACK!!!


Alex Cabri said...

The picture of me is AWFUL! Couldn't you have CROPPED me out, HA!! I beg you, TAKE IT DOWN!

the Jacksons said...

What a precious party, with a precious mickey and sorry Gray had to miss it!! happy happy birthday Put Put!!Love the cake.

Ginny said...

I think that is a good picture of you and Alex. Happy birthday Put!