Friday, July 4, 2008

It felt like and looked like....

Last Saturday Shelley, Web, Put and I went on an adventure....the Air Show in Hunstville. It felt and looked more like the INFIELD at Talladega! Our plan was to go eat at Rosie's and then head to the Air Show. We quickly changed our minds when we got stuck in stand still traffic. We took the nearest exit and stopped by Chick-fil-a instead. We were amazed at all the people.

I am the kind of person that wants to be right in the middle of all the people too. So, we set in traffic to then drove into a DUSTY field and parked. We then walked what felt like MILES to the gate to get in. We spotted the bathrooms, waited in line, saw the blue angles, and turned around and walked backed to the car. The people and the heat were enough for us. We decided to go back to a parking lot that we had seen on our way in and watch them. However, the road was blocked off. So we turned around and found another field, parked, and waited for the Blue Angels to fly. They finally began flying and it was well worth all that we had been through....not sure if Shelley and Web would agree with me though. I was amazed by them.

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