Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy 30th Carroll Lane!

Carroll Lane's 30th birthday was Friday. A bunch of girls got together and took her to lunch that afternoon. Little did she know her sweet husband, Brad had an entire night planned out just for her. Carroll Lane left her house Friday night headed to Huntsville, thinking she was going out to eat dinner with Brad. When in fact us girls met up at her house to catch a ride in the limo her husband had planned for all of us.

We had a great time riding to Huntsville, where we suprised Carroll Lane by picking her up and then headed to The Brick.

On the way to the brick we made many stops....2 gas stations, McDonalds, and a hotel but because Ashley Ashwander brought us a "treat" to drink and we let Carroll Lane know the 30 things we love about her it was so much fun! Kate even found a prize for Carroll Lane in one of the bathrooms that we hope she will cherrish forever...ha!

Thanks Brad for the limo was so much fun!


Tara and Felix said...

Jess Pootnam-YOU LOOK GREAT! I hope your doing good!

carroll lane said...

It was the BEST! I had so much fun and feel so blessed to have such incredible friends (and husband)! Let's do it again this weekend!