Sunday, April 20, 2008

OOC Weekend 2008

Well, OOC Weekend 2008 is over and it was a BLAST but I can't wait until 2009....even though it is my turn next year and I have no idea where we will go. I know it will be fun though!!

This weekend was so much fun being with all the girls. Rigsby did a wonderful just hosting all of us at her families beach house.

The weather was amazing besides the storm Friday night. Once a year is nearly not enough. However, getting together only once a year gives us SO MUCH to talk about in the "circle of friends". New children, children on the way, new jobs, new houses, new assets, health issues (none that are serious, just funny), and vacations were just a few that we covered.

Thanks to Anna Kate and Ginny both expecting we had the perfect reason to send them to the store to buy what we needed for dinner Saturday night. Ginny was very suprised when they arrvied back at the beach house. We had set up a baby shower just for her. The carseat and stroller can now really be taken off that registry Ginny...hahaha!

TT suprsied us with a pep rally.......even though the uniform is Decatur she was cheering/dancing to the AUBURN fight song.

We had a great time lauging at old college pictures. We had never realized just how much fun we had in college, the FUN, crazy, silly things we did (throwing aloe plants, pool parties, Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner at the McKee House, "collecting" AU magnents, KEY LARGO/KEY WEST, BSTA ), what BAD clothes (mom jeans) we wore, and we all still made it out of Auburn with a degree!



Tara McClendon said...

Well done, Jesser! 2009 can't get here soon enough! Many thanks to your mom for finding the perfect pep rally outfit for me!!

Tara and Felix said...

Great post Jess! I hope to master mine soon :) I can't wait for you to host our next OOC weekend! Maybe we can eat some "snacks"!

Elizabeth Sloan said...

I miss you girls already, too! I had so much fun this weekend.....and I'm already looking forward to OOC '09.

erika said...

okay this is OOC! I LOVE THE PICTURES and the RECAP!!!
I love yall so much!

Ginny said...

Good Job Jess! Maybe I will post mine sometime this week. Looking forward to whatever 2009 brings...Love you