Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Soft as a babies butt!

This is my item of the YEAR!
I have always wanted baby soft feet. I have tried everything and nothing works like the PED EGG. I have NEVER ordered anything from all of those crazy INFOMERCIALS. I was really wanting to order. Then at school a teacher told me they were sold in a Decatur store for only $9.99. I was so excitied and rushed to the store after school to buy it. Of course I was a little skeptical about it working as well as they say it would. They are telling the truth on all of their advertisements. IT IS THE BEST ITEM I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!!
Now my friend Anna Kate can be as jealous of my feet as I always have been of hers.


Marianna said...

where did you get it, i want one now...have you ever seen my heels in the summer time...ugh.

Kate & Carl Cole said...

Which store? Where? I've been wanting to order one.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jessie, I cannot wait to feel your baby soft feet next month! You will take over my title ha ha!!


Ashley said...

Girl, I need that for sure!!! Where did you find it??? Thanks for sharing your new find!

Jennie-Marie said...

Oh I want one of those, my heels get sooo rough. I'm ready for flip-flop weather!!!